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Napoleon’s Tomb

Have you heard of the Hôtel des Invalides? It’s a number of buildings in Paris housing museums and monuments which describe the military history of France. It was also a hospital and even a retirement home for war veterans in the19th century.

The not so boring highlight, lying under a stunning gold Dome is the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte, Immortalised in history and in pop culture for his military defeat in the Battle of Waterloo. The tomb, sculpted from blocks of red quartzite and placed on a green granite base is surrounded by a laurel crown and inscriptions referring to the Empire’s great victories.

Of all the monuments and statues in Europe dedicated to people in history, to me this is by far the most awe inspiring and amazing places I have visited. I’ve been back on three occasions over the years to try and capture the image that best reflects the dramatics and extravagance of the scene.

Revisit my blogs, I’m going to share other great jaw dropping places in Europe for you to explore. Places you won’t necessarily find in your Lonely Planet Guide.

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